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Based on my working knowledge of Flash design and programming, I began to experiment with this software and ways it could communicate the ideas that I was wishing to convey. For me, this software provided the most flexibility and design capabilities. Linking Flash and the Arduino board proved to be a bit clumsy, so I experimented with the MAKE controller as an alternative. While the MAKE was easier to connect to Flash, it proved to have some 'clumsiness' of its own, the least of which being its size. However, the entire project would require a computer and projection connection, so the size of the microcontroller was a minor concern.

As an intermediate step, I programmed my entire Flash piece to work with the click of a button; ideally, I would be able to swap out the button control with the dynamic input from an ultrasonic sensor. However, I also experienced unexplainable difficulty with those sensors and finally resorted to programming the input of a distance measuring sensor. While this is a bit more sensitive and not as exact of an input device, it still allowed for sensing movement through a narrow passageway in a controlled environment. With some programming tweaks, including an initialization function that runs during the first few seconds of setup and determines the average light value of the environment, it has fulfilled the needs of this project. However, in the future I hope to make this piece function with ultrasonic sensors that could be placed in an outdoor environment without being effected by the natural elements (i.e, temperature, wind).

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